• Marina Shafiro

6 Reasons to Work with a Boutique Agency in 2020

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

Let me start out by saying I have worked at both large agencies (WPP companies) and smaller boutique organizations (under 50 employees) and both obviously have their benefits, but today I want to focus on why you should consider working with a boutique agency as a Client or Employee.

1) Timeliness - Small agencies know that in order to succeed and compete with the larger agencies they need to be faster, stronger and more efficient. Speed matters in business and due to the lack of red tape and bringing things up the ladder in smaller organization, media strategies and executions can happen very quickly without sacrificing performance.

2) Adaptability - smaller companies have the most dedicated resources, their employees. They must have the ability to wear multiple hats and have expertise in many functions. Ad ops, media planning, social media, website design, paid search etc; You will often find the C suite team actively involved and engaged in your campaigns and goals!

3) Transparency – Yes, the big companies have a lot of resources and talent too, but far too often they bring in their business development team to sell you on grand ideas and then have junior staff execute/ manage your programs. It is not always intentional of course, but with smaller teams/ companies the pitch team is also the execution team.

4) Efficiency – Large teams and agencies typically charge a lot more for their time/ effort as they have enormous overhead costs, staff, rent, etc; From my experience, the smaller shop is more likely to work with you on fees and is hungry to earn your business. This goes back to adaptability and realizing they need you to succeed.

5) Culture - Company culture is super important and something many young consumers and employers desire. Having a cool, open concept office is nice, but treating employees fair and like family trumps nice amenities. Having a tight culture, leads to more open dialogue and produces better work. Good ideas are born out of people feeling their ideas can be heard, valued and respected and I have seen this play out time and time again at smaller shops.

6) Passion - To steal from Amazon (ok, they are not small by any means), but their motto is… Every day is day 1. I have experienced this firsthand at smaller agencies – they are constantly tweaking their offerings, ideas, products, costs, capabilities to improve/ obtain more business and make Clients happy. Your feedback and constructive criticism are heard, and actions can be taken swiftly if necessary.

Small agencies may not be for every client or person, however collaborating with a small business can streamline costs and offer agility that larger companies cannot compete with. Remember, every company started off small and with a singular person/ idea…

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